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At PLANLOCK  our mission is to change the world's thinking about construction document security. 


Our vision is pioneering. The lines between our online world and our built one are no longer blurred. The two are connected.


In a world full of endless security threats, Cybersecurity Training for your employees is our most formidable defense.  

There is a massive security hole in our built-world. And it's getting bigger. With the emergence of new technologies that define how construction teams exchange information and the proliferation of internet connected (IoT) systems that control building operations and physical security, we are now being faced with never before seen challenges in keeping the built-world around us safe.

Online plan rooms, project collaboration systems, government 

websites and scores of other unsecured web services that are designed to proliferate the distribution of construction documents have created a seemingly insurmountably vulnerable information ecosystem. 


Combine these bad practices and systems that offer easy and unfettered access to highly sensitive building design documents with hackers ability to control building systems with the information gleaned from those documents, and the opportunities for extremely unsafe events becomes not just an exposure - but an inevitability.

At PLANLOCK our plan is to make our built-world a safer place through Cybersecurity Training & Certification. One employee at a time.



Mike Gaynor / Director

Mike is a founding Director at PLANLOCK.

With over 30 years experience in both commercial construction and information technology, Mike brings unparalleled insight and understanding of the building process and the technology that drives it.


A serial technology entrepreneur, Mike is leading the charge for changing the way people think about the security aspects of construction documents by 

evangelizing the critical need for Cybersecurity training for every participant in the construction ecosystem.


Mike is the former CEO and Founder of BidClerk, the leading provider of opportunity based information for the Commercial Construction industry. BidClerk was acquired by Roper Technologies (NYSE: ROP) in 2016.

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